Discover how to stop anxiety, relieve pain, and heal from trauma, quickly.

Do you want to: 

  • Courtney Armstrong LPC HomepageStop anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Heal from trauma or loss?
  • Let go of the past?
  • Build self-confidence?
  • Break unwanted habits?

Courtney provides a compassionate, supportive space and shows you how to effectively deal with painful feelings, clear any blocks that have been keeping you “stuck,” and move your life forward in a positive direction.

Courtney Armstrong is a Master Practitioner in Rapid Resolution Therapy™, a cognitive-experiential approach to change that integrates both the rational and emotional systems of the brain to quickly calm anxiety, heal emotional pain, and create renewed joy and purpose in your life. With this approach people often experience significant improvement within 1-6 sessions and find the results are lasting.

Through her 20 years experience as a counselor and hypnotherapist, Courtney discovered that the emotional part of our brain learns better through an experience and our five-senses, not from logical analysis and discussion about a problem. That’s why you can’t just talk yourself out of a bad mood, panic attack, or flashback.

Instead the emotional brain responds to connection, imagery, metaphor, movement, and even humor. So, rather than just spend time talking about the problem, Courtney integrates these creative elements into your therapy to accelerate healing.

To see if Courtney’s approach is right for you, call 423-876-3490 to schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation, or e-mail her by clicking here. 

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